5 great ideas for utilizing your space

Multifunctional furniture

There is nothing more chaotic than a room filled with space-consuming furniture. Decorate with multifunctional furniture, which is flexible and has several functions. For example, it could be a puff that can be used as both a footstool and an extra seating, or a small table that is both a table and a tray.

Use your wall space

Put the big classic bookcase away and take advantage of the wall space with shelves or boxes for all your small stuff and books. It can both give more air to the room, but also create a nice personal decoration. Small shelves and boxes are good for the small walls where there normally would not be space for a bookcase.

Take advantage of the hallway

Most of us usually need a little more storage space, so it is a good idea to utilize the hallway areas for this very purpose. Decorate with a pair of narrow airy shelving systems that are not too tall or compact. Then you have extra space for books, small decorations, plants and much more.