A talk with interior designer Gloria Sanchez

We sat down with Gloria Sanchez, director and founder of Tailored Living Interiors, and had a chat about outdoor spaces. Gloria is trained as an interior designer, and have a keen eye for the tendencies in the design and interior field. We asked Gloria her opinion on outdoor spaces and what demands and requirements she has when looking for garden furniture, here is what we learned.

Do you believe that the perception of the outdoor space has changed after the pandemic?

"The pandemic made the final push us into taking action towards improving the garden. Our original garden was very impractical and the design did not suit our lifestyle. After the renovation the garden, we have gained an extra room in the house and an extra dimension to our property. I come from the South of Spain where there is always warm and sunny. Despite the weather conditions in the UK, I am happy that I can now use and enjoy my garden to its fullest."