Strand+Hvass creates supremely comfortable design with focus on the consumer

In 2021, Cane-line launches an exclusive new version of a true classic for the terraces and balconies – a folding table and folding chair. Both items take only seconds to fold out – and they are just as easy to unfold and stow away. The Danish design duo Strand+Hvass designed the elegant designs with smooth lines and precise folding technique. Strand+Hvass has designed several of Cane-lines exclusive series.
We have interviewed Christina and Niels, who are the designers behind Strand+Hvass, and questioned them about, how their fantastic designs are being developed. From this talk, we have made an exciting interview with the designers, focusing on design inspiration, work philosophy and not least, we have taken a closer look at the design process of the new Flip series in Cane-line's 2021 outdoor collection.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

"The inspiration for our design comes from function, materials and the individual customer's wishes and needs in everyday life. But the inspiration is also found in the very small things we see along our way. Things that often have nothing to do with design and furniture. It can be in nature, endless amounts of constructions, organic shapes and natural colours that can bring life to new ideas. In the hustle and bustle of the big city and in the vibrant life of the city, a shape, a building or a material can make new design ideas arise. Inspiration can occur when we least expect it."

What are your main priorities and which considerations do you have when developing a new design?

"Our most important focus points are to create great and long-lasting products every time we develop a new piece of furniture. We always strive to create good comfort, and those customers have a particularly positive experience, when they buy and use our furniture. Our furniture needs to attract the consumer both visually and functionally. Both as designers and consumers, we have a great responsibility for the environment, the use of resources, and the protection of the climate, so therefore our furniture has a long lifespan. That itself requires material of good quality, but also that the furniture visually, in relation of being timeless, have a long lifespan, right down to the last detail. In every way, it always has to be a good experience for the consumer to use our furniture."

What inspired you to design Flip? Can you give a brief description of the design process?

"The Flip series is based on the design of the classic folding chair and accompanying table, which we have worked to renew and improve. The distinctive incline in the back of the chair gives it character and a really good comfort. We have worked hard on ensuring that the furniture is easy to fold and slides elegantly into place as well as it take up little space when stored."

"We have worked diligently to improve every detail in the design of Flip. The Flip series is a traditional type of furniture, but it is also something more. It is modern and comfortable teak furniture, which invites to coziness and togetherness. The chair fits into many different environments, and in all kinds of climates and weather conditions. We have added some sophisticated design details to the Flip series, which in our opinion elevates the classic folding furniture to a higher level, for example the varying panel widths, which give a much better utilization of the wood and at the same time adds character to the furniture."