The home of Friederike, Germany

Our German ambassador, Friederike Weiler lives with her husband and children in her German hometown of Northern Hesse. She is 35 years old, mother, wife, influencer and sports editor. The family bought their house five years ago and have been renovating ever since.

Friederike started her home-inspiring Instagram profile (Herei.spaziert) a few years ago, and today she shares many inspirational photos of interior design, her experience with redecorating-projects and family life. Friederike focuses on keeping her content at the same eye level as the reader, and therefore avoid taking pictures which are too polished and neat.

The great passion

"My motto sounds like this: You can never have too many house projects ... or chairs or lamps." One of her great passions is home projects, refurbishments and interior decoration. Especially home projects, which makes her feel more relaxed and enables her to abstract from a stressful day. The actual refurbishment of the family’s house has been an on-going project for several years and is now slowly taking shape. She also has a great passion for both lamps and chairs - many can be found at Friederike's home.

The Scandinavian furniture style

Friederike shares photos daily on her social media platforms - the individual rooms, detailed pictures of their furniture, flower vases, nice garden pictures and various "do it yourself" projects.

“I love the Scandinavian furniture style. I like the fact that the look is simple and clean. In addition, I am a big fan of wooden furniture, especially oak, is one of my favourites.”

Friederike loves the Scandinavian furniture style and wooden items, because of its simplicity. This is also why she has chosen a beautiful teak wooden table for the terrace.