The home of Wellendorf, Denmark

“Most of all, I have found out that I love the nature and I get really inspired by being close to the nature, which is reflected by the way I have designed my home. That makes me feel very comfortable."

Space to unfold

It is not only the exterior that plays a role in Wellendorf's home. It's about creating space to the whole family being able to unfold and relax.

Finding your own style

"As I have a great passion for home decor, it can be difficult not to take part in the new popular trends. Instead, I just need to remember to stick to buying timeless and simple furniture."

Wellendorf keeps this in mind and intend to do that more often in the future. It takes time to find your own style and to create a home that matches your needs and wishes.

“I prefer that the things and furniture we buy, we keep for a long time. However, I do admit that it takes time to incorporate. It also takes time to find your own personal style and not just chase every new trend coming up.”